Avdel India along with its partners “Universal Weather & Aviation” are committed to accomplishing our shared purpose – the success of your trip.

Whether driving worldwide commerce or bringing people together to change and enrich lives, Our clients utilize business aircraft in ways that are critical to the global economy, aid in timely disaster relief, and much more. It is our role to help these missions succeed.

Each of us at Avdel India along with our suppliers & partners around the globe is fully committed to doing above and beyond to help our clients navigate an increasingly complex world, and keep their organizations moving. We do so by reducing the inherent risk and stress associated with complex, multi-leg trips by:

  • Proactively identifying potential challenges and delivering resourceful solutions.
  • Learning, understanding, anticipating, and adapting to an ever-changing regulatory environment.
  • Staying one step ahead of unforeseen events and mobilizing our Global Community of resources as needed.


AVTRIP - From assisting customers with their trip support requirements to providing assistance with their aircraft interior refurbishment products & assisting MRO in their hardware requirements, AVTRIM supports the Business & Commercial aviation & MRO segment in India with its knowledge gained over years of experience. The advantage of having its local presence further offers the clients the convenience of local support whenever desired.

Our other services groups are:

AVTRADE- Aircraft Acquisition & Sales

AVCARE- Air Charters & VIP Concierge Services

We are prepared to meet your needs for any trip with the support of our global community and the following products and services.

  • Trip Support Services.
  • Ground Handling.
  • In-Flight Catering.
  • Global Concierge Services.
  • Ground transportation.
  • Online Flight Planning.

Our team concept & Expertise:

  • Every client has a dedicated team.
  • Teams are specialized to complement operator type, flight preferences, or region.
  • Dedicated trip owners with average of 10 years’ experience.
  • Centralized team of experts with specialized skills in Trip Support, Account Management, fuel, and customer service.
  • Includes a significant number of Senior and Master level trip support specialists.


Last-minute requests. Unforeseen events. Constantly-changing regulations. These are just a few of the challenges you face every day. We understand that success means more than completing a trip checklist. It means proactively anticipating, staying on top of, and quickly adapting to whatever may arise.

Count on the expertise, insights, and global resources of your dedicated Universal® Trip Support team to help you keep the promises you make and exceed the expectations of those who depend on you.

Value: A total solution to manage your fuel program

  • Dedicated to serving our clients, 24/7, around the world
  • Volume buying power of over 19,500 cardholders
  • Worldwide acceptance in over 4,000 locations
  • Regionally-based teams that understand local business culture, language, and operational procedures

Value: Save on VAT in 18 European countries

  • We help our clients save up to 25% on fuel uplifts
    • Not having to pay VAT on their UVair® invoices where they legally should not be required to pay
    • Introducing exemption opportunities to business operator uplifts in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Shannon, Ireland that were not open before the creation of UVair European Fuelling Services Limited (ESFL)
  • Clients have peace of mind in buying fuel from Universal®, knowing they will be correctly exempted or charged VAT per their operating status.

Value: Only a leading provider that owns and operates a network of FBOs at strategic locations around the globe.

  • Over 40 locations in 19 countries
  • Local knowledge and expertise to reduce the inconveniences of international travel
  • Universal Aviation – first ground handler to complete the NATA Safety 1st® Certified Professional Line Service Training in Asia, Latin America, and Europe.
  • Comprehensive above-the-wing ground support and below-the-wing services.
  • Arrangements made on our clients' behalf with trusted third-party suppliers.
  • Ensuring that all documents are handled and filed correctly, in a timely manner.
  • Guaranteed credit for every transaction associated with the trip.

Universal Aviation – Locations

  • Australia (YSSY)
  • China (ZBAA)
  • China (ZSPD)
  • Japan (RJTT)
  • Philippines (RPLL)
  • Singapore (WSSL)
  • South Korea (RKSS)
  • Thailand (VTBD)
Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Ethiopia (HAAB)
  • France (LFMQ)
  • France (LFPB)
  • Greece (LGAV)
  • Iceland (BIKF)
  • Ireland (EIDW)
  • Ireland (EINN)
  • Israel (LLBG)
  • Italy (LIMC)
  • Italy (LIML)
  • Italy (LIPZ)
  • Italy (LIRA)
  • Russia (UHHH)
  • Spain (LEBL)
  • Spain (LEGE)
  • Spain (LEMD)
  • United Kingdom (EGSS)
Latin America& Caribbean
  • Brazil (SBBR)
  • Brazil (SBEG)
  • Brazil (SBGL)
  • Brazil (SBGR)
  • Brazil (SDCO)
  • Chile (SCEL)
  • Costa Rica (MRLB)
  • Costa Rica (MROC)
  • Dominican Republic (MDLR)
  • Mexico (MMCZ)
  • Mexico (MMSD)
  • Mexico (MMTO)
  • Mexico (MMUN)
  • Puerto Rico (TJSJ)
  • Venezuela (SVMI)

Value: Enhance our customers’ catering experience through Air-Culinaire Worlwide- A Universal Owned Company.

  • 2 dedicated in-flight kitchens strategically placed in Europe: serving all London area airports; serving Paris, le Bourget.
  • 13 dedicated in-flight kitchens located in major U.S. markets: Aspen, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Long Beach, New Jersey, West Palm Beach, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington DC and Van Nuys.
  • Highly skilled culinary teams using quality products and the freshest ingredients.
  • Cutting-edge technology, industry-leading food safety and quality control programs.
  • Caterlink Worldwide, your personal catering team with a vast network of qualified and approved vendors in over 1,000 cities.
  • In addition to its owned-and-operated kitchens, Air Culinaire Worldwide has established a network of over 1,000 qualified caterers on six continents. Explore the network and place orders on the Air Culinaire Worldwide website.

Value: Your personal concierge on the ground

Air2Ground Concierge (A2G) is a global concierge network dedicated to ensuring the success of your mission at your destination—by offering a high-touch level of service focused on the passenger and crew, beyond that of what you typically receive from the ground handler. A2G is exclusively available on missions coordinated by your Trip Support Services team.

A2G was created to drive down operating risk and stress on the ground by providing a higher level of on-site management than what you typically get at challenging and high-risk destinations. This includes destinations:

  • That is highly congested to the point where extra attention is needed to ensure consistently smooth service.
  • With ith regulations, restrictions, or practices that are not optimal for general aviation (GA) operations.
  • Not experienced in GA operations.
  • Lacking infrastructure.
  • Not experienced in GA large aircraft operations.
  • Where a Universal Aviation® FBO or ground support location isn’t already established.

An Extension of Your Team

An A2G agent is automatically mobilized to be your extra level of support — when you land and for the duration of your trip. You can think of each A2G representative as your personal go-to person on the ground.

Overseeing All On-Airport Arrangements

Each A2G agent provides on-site coordination and QC of all third-party services, 24 hours in advance of your arrival.

  • Slots and parking
  • Fuel arrangements
  • Ground transportation
  • AOG support
  • Customs/Immigration facilitation
  • Escorting passengers through the airport
  • Managing last-minute changes
  • Handling

Value: When and where you need it

A perfectly planned and executed mission can be tarnished if the ground transportation doesn’t meet passenger or crew expectations. Late arrivals, the wrong size vehicle, uninformed drivers, and bad information are all risks that can adversely impact mission success – and create unnecessary stress. With Universal Private Transport, you can arrange VIP ground transportation anywhere in the world and be confident that when plans change, your ground transport will change with it seamlessly.

More experience with business aircraft travel than any other company

A ramp-side pickup. A last-minute schedule change. The highest of expectations. As a wholly-owned Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. company, we understand the needs of business aircraft crew and passengers like no other private transportation company.

Highest quality vehicles

Crew van or town car. New York or New Delhi. No matter the destination, we’ll secure you the best available option, and you’ll know exactly what you are getting well in advance.

Licensed and insured professionals

You do not want to end up in an unlicensed taxi—even if it is a Mercedes. All our providers are in compliance with local regulations for providing transportation services. In addition, since we specialize in business aviation, we carry better insurance coverage than a standard limo or taxi company.

Easy communication.

Make arrangements and changes via phone, e-mail, SMS, or online. Manage preferences for receiving confirmations, driver details, and updates for passengers and anyone else on your team.

Value: Your flight plans—worldwide, optimized, accurate.

With online flight planning, accuracy and speed are everything. Reliable ETEs and fuel burn estimates are critical to helping you make decisions and control costs. To get it all right, you need to account for things like aircraft performance data, global weather forecasts, routing restrictions, and navigational charges. Then there are tankering considerations and weight and balance limits that you need to know. And you can’t afford to wait.

With Universal, you get an online flight planning system that does all this for you. Create and file accurate flight plans for routes worldwide, and do it quickly and easily—all on your desktop or iPad through uvGO.

Online Flight Planning

  • Flight plan calculations and filings
  • Domestic, regional, and intercontinental legs
  • Over 200 flight plan formats
  • A massive library of stored route options—including your routes, previously and recently cleared routes.
  • Interactive route mapping with weather overlays

Weather and NOTAMs

  • Graphical weather from an FAA-recognized EWINS
  • Worldwide satellite imagery and route weather briefings
  • Worldwide METARs, TAFs, and NOTAMs
  • Radar imagery for composite U.S and site radar for all major cities across the U.S., updated every five minutes
  • Passenger and preliminary weather briefings.

Advanced Capabilities

  • Runway analysis
  • Weight and balance
  • FIR avoidance
  • ETPs
  • GPS RAIM prediction analysis
  • EU-ETS tonne-kilometer (TKM) calculations
  • Fuel tankering calculations.

Airports, FBOs, and Ground Services

  • Worldwide airports, FBOs and ground handlers, in-flight caterers, ground transport providers, hotels, and restaurants
  • Satellite views for all airports
  • The U.S. and Canada Customs contact information
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