Control Cables

The history of flight has only progressed parallelly with the improvement in cable engineering and manufacturing. They have resulted in a steady series of inventions, that still continue to serve humanity. Starting from biplane elevator to rudder cables to various kinds of mechanical, modern, and flight control backup systems in commercial airliners, we at Avdel, incorporate every advancement in cable technology
Avdel India is the preferred supplier of mechanical control cables in India. These Control cables are used in Aeronautical, Armed Vehicles, Railway, Land vehicles & Marine applications and help to save space, weight, and installation time compared to the conventional Control Rod system. .

Avdel India’s is an authorized representative of trump Triumph Controls (France) and supplies aircraft cables, conforming to both military and commercial specifications in India.

The mechanical cable assemblies, fittings and wire connectors play an important role in flight control systems, safety and cabin performance. This supports the aerospace industries in every sphere, be it commercial, civilian or military design. The fixed-wing aircraft of today are highly dependent on high-quality aircraft control cables and wire connections. All this ensure safe transport of not only goods but also people

Our cables are also used for mechanical rudder controls, as well as a variety of rotorcraft and aircraft.
  • The helicopters take the help of the high-tension cables, featuring landings and vertical take-offs. The applications range from hoist wire to push-pull rotor control systems.


Control Cables

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