Carpet Floorings

Carpets are an integral part of the interior of the aircraft and artistic touches can change the entire look and feel of the result.

Avdel India, with a thorough knowledge of the market translates your values and inspiration into commercial and practical solutions with our partners. Our truly innovative carpet designs combined with in-depth understanding of the industry simplifies the entire process of purchasing and replacing carpets thereby help reduce the total cost of ownership of our products. The solutions offered not only makes the process of carpet replacement in aircraft easier but also much faster, helping our customers save valuable time and money.

Through every stage of the carpet design and manufacturing process along with the , optimal blend of wool, nylon or silk we ensure technological and artistic boundaries are adhered to

With knowledge of the market and their technical expertise, Avdel and its partners have made it possible to create ranges of products for commercial applications. These incorporate our trademark which is hand weaving, high quality while maintaining not only a competitive edge in matters of style but also design. An amalgamation of experience and ambition results in the product achieving steady high standards. We are committed to the latest technologies that keep us at the cutting edge of carpeting. We ensure that while we only serve you with the best, no compromises are made in the process. We maintain excellent consistency in the quality of our products.

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