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We have been supplying fuel dielectric isolators for over 20 years dating back to the 1990s. AdelWiggins dielectric fuel isolators come in an inline, bulkhead, motive flow, or double wall tubes configurations. We have supported many types of fuel system dielectric isolators such as fuel vent lines, fuel dump, jettison, supply lines, refuel lines, and motive flow. Our dielectric fuel tubes can be used exclusively for the ENTIRE fuel system or in specific locations for fuel system dielectric isolation to control lightning induced current & allow for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). Our parts have been Qualification tested at 13 KV without sparking or arcing, minimal temperature rise and absence of any damage or deterioration according to voltage waveform testing per SAE ARP5412. The dielectric fuel tubes resistance can be modified per customer requirements. We can support high and low pressures. The end fittings can meet standard fittings or customized to your needs.

Part Specifications

Typical 100K to 100M Ohms of resistance

Diameters of 0.5" (13 mm) to 4" (102 mm)

Lengths of 5.5" (140 mm) to 176" (4470 mm)

Ends to SAE AS1650, AS1710, AS1730 and new AS5830

Pressures (typical):

  • Operating: 125 to 600 psig
  • Proof: 250 psig similarly for this and burst below
  • Burst: 375 psig
  • Higher ratings available
  • Pressures (typical):

Temperatures (typical):

  • Air: -65 F to 180 F
  • Fuel: -65 F to 160 F

Fully qualified for environmental standards per RTCA/DO-160

Capable of mating with standard or special fitting ends

Compatible with several types of fluids:

  • Fuel
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Solvent and cleaning fluid, etc.

Special connections or flanges (Sockets/Bulkheads/Panels)

Aluminum, Steel, or Titanium ferrule

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