Series 7400 Kraftform (2.5-29.0 in. lbs.) with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck

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Application: Suitable for 1/4" DIN ISO 1173-C 6,3 and E 6,3 hexagon insert bits and Wera Series 1 and 4

Design: Rapidaptor rapid-in, rapid-out, rapid-spin, chuck-all and single-hand technology

Pre-set torque: 2.5 in.lbs., 11.0 in.lbs.

Accuracy: ±6 % (DIN EN ISO 6789). Reliable slipping mechanism and acoustic signal when reaching the set torque.

Handle: Kraftform with non-roll feature, multi-component

Part number call-out:

050747XX001, XX-20/22

050747YY010, YY-20/22


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