967/9 TX BO Multicolour 1 L-key set for tamper-proof TORX® screws, BlackLaser

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9-piece set in a two-component clip. For recessed screws, it’s often advantageous for the screw to be held on the L-key by magnetic force. The Wera clips with magnetiser/demagnetiser enable a magnetisation/demagnetisation of L-keys in a flash.

Application: TORX® socket screws with and without pin (BO = bore hole)

Design: BlackLaser, durable plastic sleeve. The contrasting inscriptions on the colour-coded sleeves mean that it is easy to recognise the correct sizes and this makes it simpler to find the right tool.

Tip: TORX® on short arm, TORX® ball end on long arm

Part number call-out: 05024335001


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