MAF Fastening System

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The MAF Fastening system provides an adjustable preload solution for fastening materials sensitive to high bearing stresses such as soft core foam panels and composite or metallic sandwich panels.

The MAF Fastening System provides a simple, straightforward solution for fastening materials which are sensitive to high clamping loads. This three piece system, consisting of a fine pitch threaded pin, sleeve and locking collar provides precise controlled clamp-up of materials such as composite sandwich panels, soft core foam panels, metallic sandwich panels or other materials which may be sensitive to high bearing stresses.

The MAF Fastening System is available in three configurations; full shank, reduced shank diameter and variable grip. Each functions in a 1/16″ grip range, is available with protruding heads, a protruding / flush combination or a double flush (flush sleeve & flush pin) configuration and is manufactured in 11/64″ through 21/64″ nominal diameters with 1st and 2nd oversize availability. Four different materials; 8740 alloy steel, A-286 cres steel, Inconel-718 and 6AL-4V titanium alloy provide shear strengths of 95KSI and 108 KSI.

Key Features:

- Available in flush and protruding head combinations

- Shear and Tension heads available

- Available in Alloy Steel, A286 Cres, Inco-718 and Titanium

- Positive mechanical lock

- Oversize availability

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