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The revolutionary OSI-Bolt® is a direct replacement for solid shank pin and collar systems. The innovative design of this high strength fastener for primary structure delivers strength with the added advantages of simple one-sided installation and a flush break-off for installed cost savings in both metal and composite structure.

The updated titanium Ti-OSI® combines all these advantages in a weight saving configuration.

Key Features:

- Physical strength comparable to shear type pin & collar systems

- 95 KSI shear and 112 KSI shear availability

- Available in a variety of hex, tension, shear and protruding head styles

- Diameters from 5/32 to 1/2”

- 1/64” and 1/32” oversize availability

- 1/16” grip with +/- .015” capability

- “Vise-like” sheet take-up consistently provides the highest preload in the industry

- Flat, uniform blind side footprint is the largest in the industry

- Blind side formation is away from the edge of the exit hole

- Seven degree blind slope capability

- Interference fit to .003” in steel

- Resistant to vibration

- Ideally suited to composite or metallic applications

- Lightweight titanium version available

- Internally self-sealing to 100 PSI air

- Easily adaptable to Monogram’s robotic Double Cylindrical Drive (DCD) system

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