Composi-Lok IIa

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Composi-Lok IIa fasteners, with their unique design characteristics, address the inherent thickness variations of composite material stack-ups. These common variations make proper grip measurement practices imperative to assure proper fastener performance and joint integrity. These concerns are minimized by the ability of the Composi-Lok IIa to function properly even when installed .050″ beyond its prescribed grip accommodation.

While design considerations should be limited to the optimum performance characteristics of the fastener within its prescribed .050″ grip range, the added assurance of joint integrity in limited out of grip conditions is available with Composi-Lok IIa. This extended grip capacity of .025″ under minimum grip to .025″ over maximum grip (for a total of .100″) with no composite damage and joint performance still in excess of guaranteed minimums makes the Composi-Lok IIa one of the most tolerant blind fasteners for composites in the market.

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