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Avdel India is the preferred supplier of trump ( France) Mechanical Control Cables in India which is the French Subsidiary of Triumph group. These Control Cables are used worldwide in Aeronautical, Armed Vehicle, Railway, Land vehicle and Marine applications.

Mechanical Cable Control systems help to save space,weight and installation time compared to the conventional Control Rod system.

Mechanical control Cables:

  • Vofaflex (Sliding Control)
  • Flexiball ( Ball Bearing Control)
  • Cable Control Box 


  • Air-conditioning Control
  • Anticipator Control
  • Auxiliary Control
  • Engine Door Access Control
  • Emergency Landing Gear Control 
  • Emergency Life Boat & Fuel Cut-off Control
  • Fenestron Control
  • Fire Extinguisher Control
  • Flight Control
  • Front & Back Control
  • Front & Back Toilet Control
  • Ground Door Opening Control 
  • Heating Valve Control
  • Main rotor Control
  • Multiengine Control 
  • Parking Brake Control
  • Pitch & Throttle Control
  • Quadrant System Control
  • Rotor Brake Control
  • Tail Rotor Control
  • Toboggan Door Catch Control
  • Undercarriage Control
  • Water Valve Control
  • Wheel Lock Assembly Control

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