Avdel India’s partner has machinery which is state-of-the-art and ensures that it offers aircraft carpets in various exacting specifications. Now manufacturing both wool and silk options, Avdel can assist in installing custom designed carpets from standard machine made techniques with complete aircraft carpeting and interior design for private jets and planes. Avdel India supplies a large selection of certified aircraft carpet for your jet or plane. We offer custom aircraft carpet cutting, trimming and surging services to match any shape or size interior.

Technical Specifications

- 3/8" Random Loop Pile with Tipshear

- One (1) Custom Wool Color: #1 Copper

- 100% New Zealand Wool, Mothproofed, Backed with Anti-stat, Fire Retardant Latex


- Exact Duplication is not possible due to the nature of hand work

- As with all quality products, dye lots will vary

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