Paris Blue (Wide)

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These fabrics are a lightweight, tightly woven and highly durable option for all aviation Pilot and Co-Pilot upholstery. The natural lustre of wool gives each Pilot Seating fabric a luxurious appearance whilst maintaining a soft, warm textile finish. Fabric is treated with a revolutionary anti-stain finish which helps to prolong the lifetime of the product, in turn, reducing maintenance costs and downtime of the aircraft.


Pilot Seating, Crew Rest Mattress or Crew Seating

Product Safety Information

Flame Retardancy: FAR/JAR/CS 25.853.APP.F.PT1.(a)(1)

Smoke Emissions: Airbus ABD0031 & Boeing D6-51377/BSS

Toxic Gas Emissions: Airbus ABD0031 & Boeing D6-51377/BSS

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