WCC Metro

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These fabrics are a lightweight, tightly woven and highly durable option for all aviation Attendant Seating (WCC) upholstery. The natural lustre of wool gives each Attendant Seating (WCC) fabric a luxurious appearance whilst maintaining a soft, warm textile finish. Attendant Seating (WCC) fabrics are highly resistant to abrasion, reducing maintenance costs and prolonging the lifetime of the product. The Attendant Seating (WCC) range can be re-engineered to suit any design brief with a range of custom colours to suit the individual requirements of each and every client.


Attendant Seating, Crew Rest Mattress, Heavy Traffic Seating Areas

Product Safety Information

Flame Retardancy: FAR/JAR/CS 25.853.APP.F.PT1.(a)(1)

Smoke Emissions: Airbus ABD0031 & Boeing D6-51377/BSS

Toxic Gas Emissions: Airbus ABD0031 & Boeing D6-51377/BSS

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