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The aviation glass, also known as Aircraft lenses, naturally has to be optically perfect. For most airplane window manufacturers and end users, the rejection percentage or user discomforts in production are much too high. Due to this, Avdel India with its partner by means of our laminating technology (patented), delivers the windows with utmost superior quality compared to traditional polycarbonate windows with below quality features-

- Scratch Resistant

- Highest Industrial Standards

- Anti-Static

- Patented

- Unbeatable In Price

- Reliable in quality & delivery

- 25% Lighter than Polycarbonate

- UV Resistant

- Customized Final Product

- Noise Reduction of 10-25%

- Anti-Bacterial

- Environmentally Friendly

- 100% optically transparent


Maximum Limit in dimensions

- 1800 x 1500/ 70.86" x 59"


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