Glass mirrors

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Air-Craftglass, which only works with real glass, has managed to apply traditional, tried and tested aircraft mirror technology to ultra-thin and ultra-light glass. a self-adhesive backing for the thinnest models, the material– once applied to the subsurface (often a honeycomb type) – ensures that the mirror and subsurface are solidly fused.


- Toilet compartments

- Pantry compartments

- Make-up tables in a first-class setup to usage in the cabin as class separators.

- Allows contact or lines of vision with passengers in places where this is normally impossible.


Technical Specifications

Air-Craftglass mirrors are produced under the EN 1036-1 industrial production norm and are manufactured with at least 0,7 gram/m2. of silver. This reflective coating shall be protected by a layer of water based protective coating e.g. paint, lacquer.


Available thickness size options

- 0.6 mm/0.024”.

- 1.2 mm/0,048”

- 2.2 mm/0.87”

Maximum Limit in dimensions

- 1120mm x 1800mm/ 44” x 70.86”


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