March 22, 2021

Mumbai, India (March 2021):  Avdel India is a leading supplier of high-quality specialty hardware, fasteners, and advanced materials to the Aerospace, Defence & Transportation industry in India.  Avdel India is pleased to announce the celebration of its 60th Anniversary in 2021.

Avdel India Pvt. Limited was founded in the year 1961 by Shri Gobind Bulchandani, in collaboration with Avdel Systems Ltd in the UK.  The company has been involved in supplying fasteners and related installation tools to various industries since its inception.  They have evolved into one of the leading suppliers of not only Fasteners and Tools but also for other Speciality Hardware and Advance Materials such as Honeycomb and other lightweight raw materials.  Since 2009 they have had a special focus on the Aerospace/Aviation industry in India after they spun off their non-aviation business into Avfast India Pvt. Ltd.  

To this day Avdel India remains a proud family-owned business, that continues to carry forward their set of ethical principles upon which they have built a robust business that has seen them through several successful decades. 

Avdel currently operates under two divisions:

1) Aerospace Transportation & Defence (ATD) Division

The Aerospace, Transportation & Defence Division have focused on developing and maintaining exceptional relationships with both their customers and suppliers.  On the customer side, they work with designers at the various customer design facilities to ensure that Avdel products are specified in the drawing stage at inception.  On the supplier side, Avdel India not only offers their suppliers access to their excellent sales engineering infrastructure but also their logistics capabilities in both - duty paid and duty-free warehouses.  

2) Aviation Division 

Avdel Aviation Division was started in 2015 and has focused its efforts to support the Business Aviation segment by offering them Trip Management Services in association with Universal Weather & Aviation, one of the world leaders for Trip Support/Management Services, for all outbound travel from India.  In 2020, Avdel Aviation Division commenced their domestic Indian private charter services and concierge services for their esteemed clients. Along with trip management services, Avdel also offers consultancy to their clients for Aircraft Acquisitions & Sale, along with the supply of interior refurbishment products The Aviation Division also provides material support to the growing Commercial Aviation & MRO facilities in India.  

 “We have achieved this significant milestone through the hard work and dedication of our employees, both past and present, our culture of providing excellent customer service throughout the organization, and our 60 years of dedication to delivering the highest quality reliable products. We are proud to say that we continue to follow the same value systems that we started several years ago. Imagine>Believe>Achieve. Throughout 2021, we’ll celebrate this outstanding achievement with our dedicated employees, our valued suppliers, and our customer.” says Sudhir Kulgod COO at Avdel India.   

Avdel India is an AS 9120 B & ISO 9001:2015 Certified company. With headquarters in Mumbai (India) and regional offices in Bengaluru and sales office in Hyderabad, and Trivandrum.  AVDEL India employees ~40 people for its pan India operation. The workforce is aligned to achieve the vision and mission of the organisation.  The team is guided and directed by well-experienced professionals. Avdel has in place the various workforce-related policies and welfare schemes that are employee-friendly as well as ensure long-term viability for the organisation.