Which company supplies airplane interior design parts?

February 24, 2021

What are some of the major features that set out to define any aircraft interior?

  1. Statement Carpets

    Aircraft carpet floorings are one of the most crucial interior components that cover a massive portion of the aircraft. Signature carpets make sure that the vision of your aircraft becomes a memorable look in the minds of the passengers.

  2. Signature Colour Palette

    Let your aircraft voice out your interior aesthetic taste! It is one of the vital elements according to which other aircraft interior design and components are designed for interior refurbishment.
    A colour palette becomes one of the first recognizable things that passengers notice when they board an aircraft while creating a visual memory that guides their mood, comfort, and ambiance of the aircraft. 

  3. Seat Styles

    Aircraft seat covers, aircrafts headrests, upholsteries, etc. are major interior components that come in a wide range of innovative choices in leather designs, embossed seat covers with seat edges in a style that makes them rounder, horizontal seams, making an impactful change in the cabin crew as well as passenger’s comfort. 

  4. Cabin Lighting

    When traveling for long hours, lighting makes a dramatic difference to the general ambiance and mood. Installation of hi-tech, modern lighting can significantly uplift an aircraft’s interior aesthetics by manifold. Aircraft interior refurbishment experts usually recommend a combination of LED lighting and natural lighting (when it’s available). Dimmed lighting, sheer/opaque windows, and programmable mood lighting can even regulate circadian rhythms which reduces the effects of jet-lag after long-distance travel. A combination of multi-colored soft lighting can help regulate sleep cycles and make it a pleasurable flying experience for passengers.

  5. Cabin Management Systems

    Digital cabin management systems can elevate the aircraft refurbishment and truly make it a one-of-a-kind, next-generation cabin. Appropriate seat, carpet refurbishment can uplift the look of an aircraft but initiating digital installations can make a difference to the customer experience. Bespoke cabin systems with minimalistic and compact design elements will be a space-efficient alternative to the traditional cabin systems. Additionally, it will improve the general look of the aircraft.

  6. In-Flight Entertainment Systems 

    In-flight Wi-Fi, streaming services, efficient sound systems, a digital library of In-flight entertainment systems can reduce the weight of the aircraft as well as improve fuel efficiency. It would also leave space for more concrete cabin upgrades while giving the passengers a wholesome flying experience.

When it comes to the aircraft refurbishment process, it is important to take note of the following important steps that one may encounter during the process-

  1. An Important Note on Aesthetics:

    Aircraft aesthetics are crucial for all aircraft, be it private or commercial. However, while designing for aircrafts interior, choosing materials, picking out aircraft interior products, one must also pay heed to the certification of those products as well as promised longevity.

  2. Get to know your completion timeline:

    Plan ahead and in detail about the interior refurbishment process. A blueprint of the design and layout along with the completion timeline should be ready before the commencement of the interior refurbishment plan. Make note of the timelines, materials used, the supply of interior refurbishment components, etc. The certification process will also take a decent amount of time so that needs to be accounted for as well. 

  3. Budgeting for and financing aircraft interiors:

    Interior refurbishment can be an expensive and costly procedure, especially when it comes to decorative elements, high fashion designs, additional accessories, customized floorings, and seat coverings, branded aircraft refurbishment is a necessary, inevitable, and hefty investment.
    Budgeting for the same while sourcing the best materials at affordable prices can help in the financials of interior planning to a great extent.

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