Why is it necessary to have seat cover for airplane seats?

February 24, 2021

Just how we make sure to protect our living room couches and cushions are always covered from damage, accidental spilling, normal wear and tear and also for an additional benefit of preserving its ‘newness’, aircraft seat covers remain an essential aspect of any aircraft’s interiors. After all, it is the first thing that passengers see and feel in the aircraft!


Seat coverings can uplift an old aircraft by giving it a brand-new transformation, it is not only essential for new aircraft but also those that have already gone through a significant amount of flying experience. Fortunately, Avdel’s AVTRIP services have various top-quality seat cover suppliers that provide a structured solution to this recurring problem.


So, let’s dive into more details about the process of aircraft seat refurbishment and how it can save your aircraft from further damage as well as provide additional benefit and comfort to your crew and the passengers likewise. 

Why are quality seats essential?

  1. Comfort

    Seat cover material, both in terms of fabric and texture, plays a huge role in making any passenger or aircraft crew member comfortable. This becomes even more crucial for long-distance travel, especially for luxury travelers, the sensory experience of flying is a matter of utmost importance and cannot be neglected. Comfortable seating, airplane headrest covers, and plush seat material helps to reduce the fatigue of traveling long-distance, keeps the crew members in a comfortable flying position as well as helps your passengers arrive at their destination fresh and ready.

  2. Style

    Another essential element of aircraft seat cover material is to add the style quotient to any aircraft. Changing an aircraft’s seat material is the equivalent of giving an old aircraft a new make-over by giving them a modern, stylish and luxurious feeling. It helps to create a positive first impression in the minds of the passengers as well as adds to their comfortable flying experience.


What is the aircraft seat refurbishment process?

  1. Seat Survey

    The already installed aircraft seats are surveyed & inspected closely before they are refurbished & the reasons for wear and tear are analysed by seat cover suppliers. This gives a detailed understanding of the parts of the aircraft, the kind of new materials, time, and labour required to complete the process.

  2. Seat Cleaning

    The next step is an extension of the previous one. The aircraft seat upholstery, seat cover material, aircraft headrests are stripped and cleaned before any re-upholstery or seat repair work is executed. This is vital as it gives scope to repair any excessively damaged parts of the aircraft seat cover material while giving an understanding of the most probable areas of damage for further planning.

  3. New Materials

    While changing the previous material, the seat suppliers also look to the damage points of the previous seat material. According to the interior requirements presented by the aircraft owners, new material is selected and tested for its efficiency during the long-run. Embossed leather seat cover material is an increasingly popular choice amongst current aircraft owners and the colour is selected as per the brand or the specific choices of the aircraft owner. Throughout the process, it is important to make sure that the seat suppliers use only certified, top-quality seat cover materials to refurbish the aircraft.

    Aircraft seat cover suppliers often suggest German bull hides for its inventoried leathers. They are known to produce the cleanest and largest hides which translate into optimized cutting yields. Leather seat cover materials with a wide range of decorative embossing are also supplied to create a distinct design element to the aircraft interior.

    After selecting the right kind of seat material for the seat upholstery, aircraft seat headrests, etc., the actual process of applying the new seat covers begins. New seat covers, new cushion foam, reupholstery, plastic trimming where required revives the earlier appeal of the aircraft.

  4. Completion & Certification

    After the lengthy process of changing the seat cover material and reupholstering the seats, another detailed inspection is made to ensure that the refurbishment and repair work was in order. The inspection also ensures that the new seat cover material is in pristine condition. The previous repairs, wear, and tear is accounted for and the aircraft owners then receive proper documentation and certification after the inspection.

Avdel’s partner has built one of the largest inventories of aviation-specific leathers in the industry so choose from a wide range of leather articles and colours that are available to be shipped!