Technological Upgrade: Real Glass mirrors for the Aviation Industry.

October 14, 2019

Lightweight silver mirrors in demand
Air-Craftglass was recently commissioned to supply silver mirrors for toilet facilities by a number of aircraft manufacturers. Thanks to the application of real silver, the reflection in our mirrors is significantly higher (>90%) than currently seen with all other suppliers. Their aluminium mirrors have a reflection of just 55% to 75%, which makes for a clearly visible difference.

Moreover, Air-Craftglass mirrors ensure a natural reflection without the common ‘grey veil’ of aluminium, and they come as standard with a special coating on the back to prevent corrosion.
In addition, our mirrors are 43% lighter than the commonly used plastic mirrors. The quality and guarantee conditions are key reasons for aircraft manufacturers to choose Air-Craftglass. So too is the long lifespan, which significantly enhances the replacement cycle and related expenses, reducing overall cost of ownership.

Air-Craftglass develops unique semi-transparent solution for silver mirrors
Air-Craftglass is the only producer worldwide of real silver mirrors for the aviation industry. The benefits of silver mirrors compared to the usual aluminium mirrors include the large – and clearly visible – difference in reflection, as described above. Our silver mirrors also have a special coating on the back that prevents corrosion. Air-Craftglass manufactures the mirrors under the industrial EN-1036 standard for mirrors. 

A newly developed technology now makes it possible for clients to select a semi-transparent and, therefore, translucent surface. In other words: we DO NOT reduce the reflection of the mirror by making it more transparent and less reflective (as is the case with aluminium mirrors), but only do this very locally, for instance for Return To Seat (RTS) icons. This means that the RTS icon lights up in the desired colour when needed, and as prescribed by law, yet remains invisible in the mirror surface until then.