What are the Advanced materials used in Aerospace?

October 1, 2021

When investing in advanced materials for aerospace and aviation units, it is wise to invest in reliable and durable products supplied by trusted and experienced brands. 

Avdel happens to specialize in the advanced materials required by the ATD industry with its thorough experience of around 60 years in this industry.

Let's dig into one of the most advanced Honeycomb Core materials required by the aerospace unit!

In the part trade, the top advance and reliable material guarantee the best safety, longevity, and strength in stringent applications. The part material should be light-weight to permit the best aerodynamics; sturdy for the protection of pilots and passengers and to resist the physical forces of flying, and warmth immune to ensure structural changes are unbroken to a minimum throughout the fulminant and hot temperature fluctuations that occur at each high-speed and high-altitude flight.

Honeycomb is most ordinarily used because of the center of sandwich-structure composites, whereby the honeycomb is sandwiched between two skinny panels of fabric which effectively combines the light-weight and high-strength qualities of honeycomb — each of those is essential for the part trade — with the sleek, flat surfaces of the panels to permit for straightforward installation. The panels conjointly eliminate openings and unwanted airflow.

Honeycomb will be designed and made with any variety of cell shapes, sizes, and configurations. From adscititious flexibility to high strength, any specifications will fit in it with the right honeycomb style.

Aluminium Honeycomb

Aluminum honeycomb, especially, offers a spread of advantages and properties that are significantly helpful in part applications.

The stiffness of the metal honeycomb is second to none, as is its strength-to-weight magnitude relation, which is among the best of any composite core material presently out there. Its resistance to compression is also high, further as its resistance to heat, temperature fluctuation, and shear are vital in the wing situations.

Aluminum honeycomb is non-moisture absorbent and immune to mildew and fungus growth — key qualities within the closed environments found in part applications. Extremely reusable, over ninetieth of all-metal material processed annually springs from recycled product, creating metal honeycomb an environmentally-friendly choice.

Honeycomb Composites in Aerospace

Although honeycomb composites don’t seem to be quite as lightweight as alternative materials, like commonplace laminates (depending on the number of layers), they provide distinctive alternative advantages. Honeycomb will be the maximum amount as forty times stronger than laminates in certain situations, as an example, and sometimes offers higher weight-to-strength ratios. Also, load carry and cargo transference are a lot bigger in honeycomb than in laminate.

Aluminum honeycomb is employed in varied part applications. It is changing into the go-to material for essential substructures in rockets, aircraft, and jet engines, and propellers, further as similar non-aerospace structures, like turbine blades. In less sensitive applications, metal honeycomb is additionally utilized in craft heating, ventilation, and air-con systems.

Honeycomb Panels are composed of multi-layer foils made of aluminum. The honeycomb is formed after the expansion. The honeycomb core and the aluminum composite panels have clear and sharp hole surfaces. Avdel ensures that they are also suitable for meeting the highest standards of grade plate and various other purposes.

Following are the characteristics of an aluminum honeycomb panel made by Avdel India:


Aluminium Honeycomb Panels are unit light-weight with an awful density compared to a different product with an equivalent volume. The core layer is of cellular form, with a continuous plane figure organized to create it appear as if a honeycomb. This structure gives stability and makes it lightweight, creating it usable even for region engineering.

High strength

The honeycomb panels have a novel structure and area unit connected to every different like I-beams. The High strength helps involved sheer stress by connecting and supporting each of the skins higher and below it. The core layer is secure on the sheet in such the simplest way that its height is larger than the thickness of the sheet, which helps to extend the inertia, serving to extend the general stability and rigidity.

Sound and warmth insulation

While metallic elements may be a conductor of warmth and sound, the distinctive structure makes it decent insulation for warmth and sound. The cellular structure fabricated from hexagons encompasses a hole spacing that occupies most of the house. The air level in these sheets is unitless, preventing airflow because heat or sound cannot pass. These heat and sound insulation properties build it appropriate to be used virtually anyplace applicable.

Avdel India has established itself as one of the leading suppliers and manufacturers of Aerospace units. It has earned a reputation of being the preferred choice in supplying various kinds of composite sandwich panels and structural core materials. The components supplied by Avdel India find application in multiple sectors like aerospace, defense, marine, and lots of other infrastructures. Avdel offers state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture various kinds of machinery and components required in the aerospace industry.