Where to purchase new aircraft and helicopters?

May 19, 2021

Before you proceed with an investment of this magnitude, there are several variables that one must factor in while making a defining choice that will impact your future finances. In today's day and age, personal recommendations or word-of-mouth assurance is not enough for any significant purchase; you must dive deep into the research process and choose an aircraft that suits your needs, style, and budget to a great extent.

And, that is where the Avdel expert team comes to help & make this process a bit easier for you with our expert insights on the current aircraft acquisition trends and buying patterns of customers. Allow us to help you make an investment that will be ideal for your requirements and plans.

Before the process of selecting an aircraft that you wish to acquire; one should also be informed about the different types of aircraft acquisition patterns which we can opt for considering the flying hours-

1. Charter Services

Charter Planes is an appropriate choice for flyers with approximately 50 hours of flying requirement. One need not worry about maintenance costs or capital costs and only be charged for aircraft utilization. Apart from occasional unavailability during high-demand periods, this is a suitable service type for non-frequent travelers.

2. Fractional Ownership

Those whose flying hours fall in between 50-100 hours can opt for a percentage ownership of an aircraft. It gives the person priority access to an aircraft. The fraction usually lasts for about 3-5 years, and buyers can avail tax benefits on the same as well. 

3. Leasing

Wet leasing grants you access to aircraft, maintenance, crew, insurance, and other benefits from the lessor while you cover the fuel costs, airport fees, operational costs, duties, etc. Dry leasing is when a lessor only grants the aircraft to the buyer without any other services. Dry leases last longer than the usual two years of wet leases.

4. Outright Purchase
If your flying hours are more than 150 per year, an outright purchase is a more suitable option. However, one does require a strong financing ground, legal advisors, proper representation to go through purchasing an aircraft, insurance, crew, and funding for its timely maintenance.

Which aircraft to buy: A New or a Pre-Owned one?

Most buyers prefer to buy a brand-new aircraft for obvious reasons being, getting the liberty of setting up the interiors, choosing the material, being involved in the process of building a new aircraft, too in some cases gets them a hovering perspective on the aircraft that they would be investing in. However, there are certain downsides to buying a new aircraft, too. It is an incredibly expensive investment considering the uncertainty due to pandemics which may cause depreciation in the value of assets apart from the fixed and variable costs in managing the aircraft.

What are the Pros & Cons of purchasing a Pre-owned Aircraft?

The other side of the coin shows a fleet of pre-owned aircraft and helicopters for sale. Used aircraft and helicopters usually are less expensive than brand new ones. But there is a risk of undisclosed mechanical issues that might result in further expenses on the buyer's part to make the aircraft fit for flying. Pre-owned aircraft also do not have an assured warranty unless the previous owner of the aircraft transferred it. Pre-owned aircraft must go through strict inspection before the final purchase.

In a nutshell, buying an aircraft is a tough decision that deserves a significant amount of research, financial planning, legal resources, and sound knowledge about the aviation industry and aircraft depreciation rates. One cannot afford to make a reckless choice when purchasing a private jet or a pre-owned helicopter!

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