Things you should know about before booking an Air Charter Service in India

March 2, 2021

As soon as one contemplates the decision of booking a charter flight, one is bombarded by a humongous number of private companies, air charter services, etc. each boasting about its ‘exclusive’ services. If one is not well-informed about the aviation industry, it is very easy to be misled into services that one didn’t ask for. It is important to make an informed decision about your travel options especially when it comes to luxury travel options such as charter planes, rental charter services, jet charter, etc.

Avdel India believes in equipping the client with all the information they need as well as providing insights on the best charter service for them according to their requirements. 

According to Avdel India, every passenger should take the below factors into consideration before they commence with their charter plane booking. They are as follows:-

  1. Safety

    One of the most crucial things is ensuring that the aviation company you are availing services from has a reliable track record in terms of their flying experience. A thorough background check is essential on the passenger’s part before they book their charter flight. Even as a layperson, there are a few tests you can run by mere observation. You can easily know if your air charter company has gone through accredited safety checks or not by inquiring about them. The ones which do welcome these third-party inspections usually list it down as their top features rather than those who evade inquiries made on the aircraft’s last safety check through ACANA, NBAA, Air Charter Association, etc.

    AVCARE’s fleet of private jets, charter planes, helicopters have gone through all the major safety protocols and is inspected after regular intervals to ensure its airworthiness. This makes AVCARE one of the most trusted choices for aircraft rental as well as charter services all over the country!

  2. Insurance

    Every good aviation company provides good insurance for its passengers in case of any aircraft failure or damages. This not only establishes the company’s loyalty towards their loyal passengers but also their confidence in their aircraft’s ability to ensure a pleasant and secure flight experience.

  3. All-Inclusive Services

    Behind every luxurious and thrilling private jet experience lies a team of extremely dedicated crew and concierge members who put in efforts to make it a special trip for you. Booking a charter flight from a reputed company places you in a position to avail additional services like trip management, easy transfers, concierge services, etc. While booking from unreliable and non-experienced sources may rip you off of these benefits that add comfort and ease to your travel experience.

    When you book a private jet from AVCARE, you are not just paying for travel, you’re investing in an experience.

    AVCARE takes care of its traveler's needs right from the moment they book their charter services till their trip completion. All kinds of assistance and VIP services are made available to its passengers for making their trip as elite as they can.

  4. Reviews
    One of the important aspects of personal background verification of any air charter service before you make your booking is to check its reviews. A lot of the more trustworthy brokers or aviation companies have a loyal clientele and thus, have lots of experience in this field. Fortunately, various internet portals often provide detailed reviews of passengers who have flown through a particular charter service and elaborate on their experience. One must be wary of the overly ‘positive’ reviews which run the risk of being fake or paid. Follow reliable consumer experiences to make a wise choice!

Which aircraft is the most suitable for my needs?

  1. Super Midsize Jets - Challenger - 604 & Falcon 2000

    With 8-9 passenger seat capacity, this beast of an aircraft has a unique ability to fit into small spaces and land at smaller airports saving you a lot of time and providing hassle-free charter service. This is one of the apt choices for longer flights.

  2. Midsize Jets- Hawker 800 XP, 850 XP & 900 XP

    This is the aircraft to go for when you’re traveling with friends, family, or several colleagues. With ample seat capacity and in-cabin space, it is also equipped with generous luggage compartments, fold-out divans, on-board lavatory and most of them have stand-up cabins.

  3. Light Jets - EMB Phenom 100 & Citation CJ2+

    Lighter jets are known for their compact size which helps them land at small airports with a lot of ease and convenience. It comfortably seats about 7 passengers and is ideal for a quick business trip or a couples getaway.

  4. Turboprops - Beechcraft B250

    Known for their impeccable safety and reliable flight experience, turboprops have a better performance during takeoff and are appropriate for destinations with shorter runaways.
  1. Helicopters - Bell 429 & Bell 407 GX

    Helicopter’s agility when it comes to navigating through difficult terrains and trails is unmatched by any other charter service - be it mountains, rooftops, snowy peaks, or ship decks. They can traverse through small spaces that even smaller aircraft are often incapable of. 

Point-to-point travel, access to remote areas and city centers, ability to land at helipads, hotels, private properties make helicopters one of the most convenient means of transport in a crisis or an emergency. 

All of the above charter aircraft are available at AVCARE for aiding your travel experience. Check out our packages and current offerings on our website!