Avdel India helps MRO’s to quickly source AOG spares and parts along with wide range of structural solutions and other components used widely in Aerospace,Defence, Commercial & Business Aviation. All supplies are made to international regulatory standards along with certifications, approval documentation and full traceability. Aviation is a wide spectrum with many tasks under one heading and Avdel India has taken forefront with Maintenance and Engineering, whether it is a Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul organisation or supporting engine overhaul, interior or component repair. Avdel India can support with Tooling, spares and Ground Support Equipments.


Avdel India Supplies a wide range of fastening solutions and other hardware which are widely used by the Aerospace, Defense, Commercial & Business Aviation and Allied Industries. All supplies are made to internationally acceptable documentation & full traceability.

Avdel India fasteners are available in various materials such as Alloy steel, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, CRES, Inconel, Titanium & even Composite materials. These also include light weight & high temperature fasteners.

Some types of fasteners are mentioned below:

  • High Temperature Fasteners
  • Engine Bolts, Shear Pins Inserts
  • Composite Threaded Fasteners
  • Adhesive Bonded Fasteners
  • Supermax

  • A Code

  • Blue Rivet

  • Allmax® Rivet

  • Fastack® Rivet

  • Tackbolt® Rivet

  • Ab Code Rivet

  • Nas

  • Composite Rivet

  • Skin Rivet

  • Wing Rivet

  • Briles Rivet®

  • Coated Solid Rivet

  • Universal Head Rivet


Avdel India supplies mechanical control cables that assists in mechanical connections between controls and actuation systems in various Aerospace and Aviation applications.

The products in this group include: Wire rope controls, Ball bearing controls, helix cable controls and associated gearboxes for a wide range of applications requiring the transfer of linear and/or rotary motion on the aircraft. Some of the applications include: vent, engine control, thrust reversers, and portable/waste water system controls.

Some types & areas of applications are mentioned below

  • Helical Cable Controls
  • Wire Rope Cable controls
  • Cockpit Modules
  • Throttle Quadrants
  • Complex Mechanisms


Avdel India is the preferred supplier of various types of installation tools used in Aeronautical, Defence, Marine and other related industries.  Avdel India have many tools to meet the customer applications/requirement and with the experience of in-house technical experts even advise customers on the alternate tooling options.

Avdel offers complete solution with a wide variety of drill attachments and if required, may even create a customised drill kit to fit the customer applications. Avdel provides kits for all types of installation & drilling tools applicable for different types of fasteners. Avdel India also advises on  specific needs such as nose assemblies, pulling heads, adapters and other attachments to the tools. Avdel supplies various types of  Pneudraulic, Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Pneumatic-Split system tools & Manual Hand tools. 

Alongwith the supply of tools, Avdel India has a dedicated tool workshop in Thane which provides after sale support for the tools purchased from Avdel India.

Some of the installation tools are mentioned below

  • Blind Nut Riveting Tool
  • Solid Rivet Squeezers
  • Helicoil Installation Tool
  • Rivet Removal Tool


Avdel supplies more than 3,000 different types of hand tools and which surely fits the customer needs. These tools range from screw driving bits and impact drivers to full range of spanners, screw drivers, torque wrenches, Allen keys & Ratchets.

Avdel India can also develop special tool box for operational needs and assist customers in standard Aviation designed boxes or custom boxes for maintenance, repair & overhauls projects. 

Maintenance Tooling

  • Individual Tools
  • OEM Tooling
  • Tool Cribs(Tool Control)
  • Expendables


Avdel delivers tailored solutions in the highest quality due to this, it has been the preferred supplier of various types of Textile, Prepregs, Honeycomb Core, Laminates and Sandwich panels to the Aerospace and Aviation Industry in India. 

Avdel India supplies ready-to-assemble parts and structures formed and/or milled composites parts, panels, laminates, and honeycomb core materials. Some of the products application include crew-rest-compartments, footwells, floorings, galleys, lavatories, partitions, storage compartments, ailerons, autoclave panels, assembly of lavatory structures, assembly of storage compartments structures, assembly of galley structures, assembly of footwells structures, clean room panels, doors, elevators, fairings, flaps, floorings, Laminates, overhead bins, radomes, slats, stabilizers, struts, Thrust reversers.


  • Metallic- Aluminium
  • Non Metallic

- Kevlar

- Nomex

- Glass Fiber

- Carbon


  • Formed and Machine Parts
  • Heat Formed/Machined Honeycomb
  • Composite Parts of Aircraft Interiors
  • Mobile Container for Defence
  • Cabin Shelters
  • Ready-to-assemble Parts


  • Pre-Impregnated Fiber Reinforcements:

- Glass Fiber

- Carbon Fiber

- Aramide Fiber

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