Avdel India has the ability to supply standard, customised products, as well as innovative new products for specific uses as per design, material, texture and sizes for interior applications of the aircraft. Avdel India’s comprehensive portfolio of interior products consistently sets the industry standards for engineering excellence, resulting in superior designs and integration capability. These offerings provide Business & Commercial aircraft platforms with a focus on improved reliability, weight reduction and fuel savings capabilities. Avdel India has been leveraging its track record to take its evolution even further with an eye on the future.

With the full range of cabin interior products & service capabilities, Avdel India ensures a stable supply of high-quality products, a very important requirement for any designer/end customer. Avdel India has earned customers’ trust with the quality of products from its suppliers, and is constantly trying to reaching a new level of excellence in support and services.


Avdel India supplies superior quality leather aircraft seat materials and this fully compliments its current Interior product portfolio. By making full use of the products and its Partners innovative technologies, Avdel has accumulated good customer base which includes Private jet owners, NSOP operators & Airliners. Avdel India’s aircraft interior business offers comprehensive solutions by integrating all types of interior components and thereby providing assistance for customers as a one stop shop for all of their interior related requirements.

Avdel India along with our design partners is able to accurately meet the layout and design requirements of the aircraft passenger & cockpit seats and accurately suggest the material requirements thereby reducing wastages.  Avdel India understands that the seat covers forms a very important part of the aircraft interior environment and primarily offers a lot comfort and convenience to the passengers during longer duration of flights.

Avdel India supplies leathers which are properly formulated & tanned in the production process and offers a wide range of leather colours that are available to ship the same day. Our customers' also have an option to choose from a wide range of custom leathers suiting their colour preference, textures or technical requirements. These products are accompanied with FAR Burn certifications and can be used in Aviation, Luxury water transportation, Transportation and Hospitality applications.

Sheepskins are found on flight decks around the globe. All sheepskins supplied by Avdel India originate from Australia and New Zealand. These regions are long recognized for producing the finest sheepskins in the world. Sheepskins are perfect for crew seats and upholstery. Our 100% tanned wool on lambskin combines natural beauty with luxurious warmth and softness, these are sourced from the finest merino lambs.

The skins feature dense, silky, not combed hair with light curls often creating a unique marbled look. Optimal for cockpits, pillows, rugs are offered in a variety of colours. Avdel India supplies the best quality, super dense imported merino sheepskin. These are cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, and offer moisture-absorption properties. The sheepskins offered come along with mandatory burn certifications and documents. Our customers have loved the comfort and smooth feel of sheepskins and they can be found in most of the modern day aircraft interiors.

Avdel India partners are one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of custom luxury carpets suitable for corporate and private jets, as well as yachts. With a wide range of carpets one can discover a full range of attractive solutions complimented with superior quality. Avdel India supplies carpets with all the FAA requirements with respect to flammability tests, as well as the specifications regarding low smoke production and low toxicity. We endow your interiors with customized designs. However, you can also pick your preferred colours and patterns from our off-the-shelf collections.

These carpets manufactured by our partners feature custom colours and patterns designed to coordinate with the other interior components of the aircraft. We have simplified the sampling process, making it easier to produce exactly what you desire. With stunning texture and a wide range of rich, sophisticated colours, you are sure to find the perfect complement for your luxury aircraft interiors. Avdel India’s partners pushes technological and artistic boundaries throughout every stage of the carpet design and manufacturing process.

Avdel India provides an opportunity to our customers to innovate with the patented surface coverings designs. Innovate with our newly developed 3D technology to modify the old traditional bulkheads, ceilings, wall panels, partitions, galley structures, large cabinets and cabin stowage compartments of aircrafts, boats, and trains with fresh designs, textures, beads, embossing logos & 3D designs.

These patented 3D decorative surface coverings are non-metallic, heat and flame resistant as well as provide designers a new level of personal expression and creativity in design while simultaneously delivering superior performance and technical innovation.

With our partners state-of-the-art production facility which produces superior glass products of the highest quality for aircraft cabin interiors. Alongwith its unique feature of being ultra-thin & lightweight, these products  creates ultimate on-board experience by providing superior optical quality and most importantly crystal-clear panels and mirrors. Avdel India supplies glass products that provides superior optical view and offers durability that is second to none. These glass being lightweight offers weight saving options which is paramount need of Aviation around the world.

These Mirrors can be applied in Private, VIP and Commercial aircraft, offering an unbeatable value proposition in the process. All glass products supplied by Avdel India are unique, of high quality and custom made. We consider our partners as the pioneers, who aim to deliver the best aircraft glass solutions which is far superior to polycarbonate products readily available in the market. These Glass products not only gives a luxurious look and feel, but also outperforms polycarbonate products in every aspect.

Some of the USP’s of these products are as follows:

  • Ultrathin
  • Scratch resistant
  • Anti-static
  • Lightweight
  • Noise reduction
  • UV resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Environmentally friendly

Avdel India & its partners passion, helps building luxury aircraft interiors of the highest quality and we do it through innovation; using the latest technologies for precision cut in-lays, selection of rare, exotic species and skilled artisans.

This includes rich finishes on natural products, such as fine and precious veneers. A refined finish enables products to be used in the most stunning interiors, from stylish villas and super yachts to commercial or private aircraft. We are able to present over 500 aircraft wood varieties along with the required certifications for your aircraft.

Avdel India & its partner’s work along with our customers in custom designing and manufacturing aviation fabrics suitable to meet their requirements, colours & design preferences. With the advanced level of manufacturing techniques we ensure superior quality products.

Avdel India partners have complete control, right from the production to the finished product. It all starts from yarn selection to utilising the latest machinery or deploying the experienced craftsman/designers to innovate and deliver a quality product. With the knowledge of wool and modern fibres allows them to create fabrics that combine the very best materials.

By combining both their expertise are ethics, we are able to create a good brand name for all their products, which is clearly reflected in the production, design process and delivery. Some initiative in analysing the best working practices, checking procedures, employee training, fibre selection, procuring new machinery, technological innovation, inventory management, tracking orders  and customer specific requirements have helped us gain a lot of respect in the Aviation Market.

Avdel assists in supplying fabrics that meet the exact requirements of its aviation client partners which include.


Avdel India along with their partners can assist customers in Decorative plating & assist in quality selection of finishes found on today’s most luxurious aircraft. With our partner speciality in finishing aircraft interior pieces and customization to match the customer specifications, we are quite confident that this would enhance your overall cabin environment.

Along with the Decorative Electroplating for Aircraft Interiors, we offer expertise in artistically created surfaces by Hydro graphic printing, creating 3D Metalized & Ceramic Surfaces. Our Services include a wide range of offerings from plating to finishing to restoration and more. Reliability, quality and service have always been an important part of our offerings and will continue into the future. All satin and silk finishes are available with glossy clear coat and most are available with a flat clear coat.

  • 14K & 24 K Gold
  • Almond Gold
  • Blush white Gold
  • Champagne Gold
  • Nickel
  • Smoke Nickel
  • Antiques
  • Peach Gold
  • Rose Gold
  • Chrome
  • Techno Brass
  • Rose Nickel
  • Platinum

Avdel offers a complete solution by picking up the interior pieces from your Facility/ Hangar and deliver the finished plated pieces to your doorsteps. This allows a customer to focus on more important engineering tasks and by delegating this to Avdel India they are rest assured of a timely delivery along with all necessary documentation & certifications.  

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