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Avdel India Private Limited' Management Team comprises trusted employees and advisors who have been with Avdel since its inception. Each member of the management team shares the unwavering vision of making Avdel one of the most admired companies in the world. Avdel's success in achieving consistent year-on-year organic growth is attributed to the deft leadership and dedication of its Management Team and employees.

As a G. Bulchandani Family Group Company - Avdel India Private Limited management team reports to a Board of Directors comprising Bulchandani family members and outside independent Directors. The Board has appointed Sameer Bulchandani to lead Avdel India Private Limited.

Sameer Bulchandani

Sameer Bulchandani is the Managing Director of Avdel India Private Limited and CEO of Avdel Aerospace LLP. Sameer reports to the Company Board, and is responsible for leading the company’s strategic planning, implementation and business development initiatives. He has been involved in the aerospace fasteners and hardware business since 1991. Sameer leads an innovation think-tank that guides the group through a changing economic landscape seizing opportunities to establish new businesses and as well as exit opportunities for existing ones. He remains actively involved in Avdel India’s (A) Organic Growth as well as Mergers & Acquisitions, (B) Post Acquisition Integration; (C) Capital Allocation and Financial Review; (D) Business Development; (E) Vendor Development (F) Team Building, and (G) Performance Measurement.

Sameer lead the Avdel India team to a successful Demerger and subsequent sale of one of the manufacturing facilities to Stanley Black & Decker in 2010. He is currently leading Avdel Aerospace LLP’s initiative into the business aviation segment, a new initiative and focus area for the Bulchandani Group.

Sameer is an active member of the Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries (SIATI) as well as of the Indian Society for Advancement of Materials and Process Engineering (ISAMPE) and the Society for Aerospace Manufacturing Engineers (SAME) in India.

Sameer has a bachelor’s degree in economics and engineering from Brown University, Rhode Island. He enjoys music, art, traveling, golf and skiing.

            H.N. Murthy
 General Manager – TSS
H.N.Murthy graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the College Of Engineering, Guindy – Chennai and thereafter he completed his Masters Degree in Production Engineering from Guindy and Diploma in Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning from The Central Polytechnic, Chennai in 1967. He has vast aeronautical experience of more than 45 years. Before joining Avdel, he served in Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. for nearly 25 years and held various positions. He is the senior most member of Avdel Family and heads the technical support team.

Hitesh is a Chartered Accountant & has completed his Business Consultancy Studies from JBIMS, Mumbai and is a qualified Information Systems auditor. He has over 15 years of experience in various fields including finance, business intelligence, taxation, compliance. Hitesh joined Avdel India in 2013. He remains actively involved in Avdel India’s Financial Planning & Compliance, Accounts, Product Supply Management as well as Human Resources Development.
Hitesh Jadav
              Hitesh Jadav
         Additional General
       Manager, Accounts &

Nandish Jingade
       Nandish Jingade
General Manager - Sales &
    Supply Management.
Nandish is an Electronics Engineering Graduate from Bangalore University & completed graduate apprentice course from Bharat Electronics, Bangalore. He has over 20 years of experience in Aerospace sector and before joining Avdel he held various positions in Avionics department in Taneja Aerospace and Aviation Ltd . He joined Avdel India in the year 2003 and remains actively involved in Avdel India’s Sales & Product Supply Management.

Lekha holds a degree in Sociology & Philosophy from Mumbai University. She started her career with Avdel India in the year 2000. With her 15 years of extensive experience in material procurement and vendor development activities, she is now heading the Product Supply Management department. Movies, T.V., Cricket & Gardening are her hobbies.
Deepa Naik
            Lekha Nair
Senior Manager - Product
   Supply Management.

Lekha Nair
        Katyayani Nayak
        Manager - Inside
         Sales Support.

Katyayani is a Commerce graduate from Mumbai University & has completed the Diploma in Finance from Welingkar Institute of Management. She joined Avdel India in the year 2009 & has over 7 years of experience in Product Supply Management & Customer Support. She is fond of singing ,dancing & cooking & has completed two years of classical singing with distinction.
Customer Says...
"On the occasion of achieving this significant milestone, I would like to thank you and your team for the unstinted support, cooperation and contribution right through the Kaveri engine programme, which has culminated into this success. I do believe that this is just the beginning of a new era wherein GTRE would be the prime design and development center of excellence for all the gas turbine requirements of the country - for aero, marine and industrial applications. At this juncture, while thanking you profusely, I seek your continued participation and support for all the present and the future projects of GTRE.

Shri T. Mohana Rao,
Director, GTRE.