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Air-Craftglass and its Benefits

Avdel India’s aerospace division is the largest Indian hardware supplier and distributor to the Aviation sector. Avdel India has a close partnership with Air-Craftglass which offers wide range of ultra-thin aircraft glass lenses, mirrors and laminated glasses to the Aviation Industry.

Generally, aircraft windows are made of plexiglass which is lexan polycarbonate; for general aviation aircraft, acrylic plastics can also be used. This material is light, relatively strong but not shatter-proof. It takes moderate beating and has decent optical properties. The major drawback is the hairline cracks on the surface of the material that isformed over time from dirt, stress, temperature and UV exposure.

Air-Craftglass identified these problems affecting the airplane windows that currently usepolycarbonate and deemed them unsuitable for premium products in the aviation sector.

Air-Craftglass developed an in house (patented) technique for laminating glass without flammable films. Air-Craftglass is the only company in the world that can deliver ultra-thin and ultra-light windows which are 25% lighter than polycarbonate.

Air-Craftglass lenses are used in various types of aircraft where glass strength is of particular importance: commercial planes, regional commuter planes, helicopters and military aircraft. They are especially cabin windows (so named dust panels or lenses); the glass is reinforced to a very high strength by making its surfaces permanently compressed. This is achieved through a chemically glass-tempering processes. With the traditional thermal tempering, the surface compression - and hence the reinforcement - is limited, whereas chemical reinforcement creates a very strong glass with a high optical quality.

Despite its limited thickness, Air-Craftglass lenses arevirtually unbreakable; they satisfy all fire regulations and can withstand the 65/65 Heat Release Rate Test for cabin materials. The test determines the heat release rates andis compliant with Federal Aviation Requirements (FAR) 25.853.Heat release rate is measured for the duration of the test from the moment the glass specimen isinjected into the controlled exposure chamber and encompasses the period of ignition andprogressive flame involvement of the surface.

Air-Craftglass, lenses are specially engineered to protect against the static electric charging that can occur during flights, through the means of a conductive coating that drains the static charge and also from solar UV radiation, electro-magnetic radar beams, and damaging effects of bird strikes against the windscreen.

Air-Craftglass is superior solutions in terms of aesthetics and comfort level, ensuring passengers a more pleasant flight experience. Air-Craftglass lenses, mirrors and wood are used to create cleanable, durable, lightweight, noise free interior transparencies and surfaces on private, VIP and commercial aircraft and offer an excellent value proposition in the process.

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